Ecovillage | New Jersey

The Village Green at Annandale is a beautiful new ecovillage powered by a 322 kW solar farm developed by Meurer Developments in 2010. This brand new ecovillage at Annandale is the premier green living environment in New Jersey and is a bustling community comprised of retail, office and residential properties. These properties all benefit from our unparalleled solar farm allowing our residents to live and thrive healthier and happier while cutting down on energy costs. To get a closer look at the development of our solar farm, we invite you to view the video below.

About Our Community

The Village Green at Annandale truly is a reflection of new age thinking with a traditional feel. As a resident, you are afforded all of the traditional luxuries of the modern world while living in a beautiful community with the advantages of using and living in solar powered structures that are designed for a more sustainable environment. Aside from living in a cost effective environment, all residents have access to the Annandale train station, which connects to Newark, New York City, and surrounding metropolitan areas.