Green Living | New Jersey

Meurer Development is an industry leading company that has dedicated itself to being on the cutting edge of green living. We are specialists when it comes to developing eco-friendly living environments designed to be functional, sustainable, beautiful and most of all healthy for the environment and your family. Meurer Development has taken full initiative in pioneering environmentally friendly large scale solar projects for clients located in New Jersey using sources such as solar and geothermal energy; sources of energy that are natural, have no bearing on the eco-system, and in turn save you money.

Our Developments

Meurer Development was founded by Richard Meurer in 2007 and is the umbrella company of Green Power Energy and the developer of a new, breathtaking solar farm powered living community called The Village Green at Annandale in Annandale, New Jersey. Our mission is to design the the most innovative and practical solar-powered and geothermal systems to implement on existing or newly built luxurious commercial and residential properties.

Work With Us

If you have any questions for the team at Meurer Development, are interested in available properties at The Village Green at Annandale or want to find out more about the services offered by Green Power Energy, please don’t hesitate to fill out this short form. You can also call our team directly at 908.713.9055. We look forward to discussing how we can help you embrace a more eco-friendly approach to energy consumption and how it can directly result in big savings for the environment and your bank account.

Green Living | New Jersey

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